1. Click on the Send Message tab, then click on the group you want to send your message to. If you wish to send to multiple groups click the dark grey button labeled Select Multiple Groups. Click the checkbox beside the groups you wish to select and then click NEXT. 

  2. Click Create New Message. You have 4 ways to create your message online. See below for instructions on those ways.
    Since this is your first message you will not have any existing messages, in the future you may choose to send an existing message. 

  3. Enter a message name. This name is something that you create to help you remember what your message is regarding. 

  4. Click the checkbox beside Phone, Text Message (SMS) and/or Email. You can create any combination of messages that you need. 

  5. Then click NEXT.

  6. If you choose to create a text and/or email message when you press the NEXT button you will be brought to the screen to create those.
    Creating a Text Message >>>
    Creating a Email Message >>>
    If not, you will be brought to the Review and Confirm screen to complete sending your message.

You can create your phone message 4 ways: 

  1. Call My Phone

  2. Microphone 

  3. Keyboard (TTS)

  4. .Wav File

Call My Phone

1. Enter a phone number you want the automated recorder to call you at. If you have an extension click the check box and enter your extension. 

2. When you answer the call you will hear:
Press 1 - "Begin recording after the beep, when finished press # and await further instructions....3...2...1."
Press # to end your recording - "To review this message press 1, to confirm press 2, to delete and re-record press 9"
Press 1 - Plays recorded message
Press 2 - "Press the next button on your computer or device to save your message. Thank you. Goodbye"
Press 9 - "Begin recording after beep when finished press # and await further instructions...3...2...1."

When you are on the phone with the Call Me system you will notice that the web page will update as you make your recording. You will see that it says "Recording Message" when you are recording a message.

3. Once your message has been recorded, you will see the NEXT button appear. Press the NEXT button to continue.


  1. Click on the green Start Recording button. You may see a popup requesting access to use your microphone. You will need to Allow to be able to record a message.

  2. Once you have recorded your message click the Stop button. If needed you may click the Re-Record button to record your message again. 

Keyboard (TTS)

  1. The keyboard option, also known as Text To Speech or TTS, allows you to type your message. An automated female voice will read the message you type. Please remember that this is a computer generated voice so it may not always sound the way you expect. For example: You may enter a phone number like (555) 555-5555, the automated voice would read this as "Five hundred and fifty five, five hundred and fifty five, five thousand five hundred and fifty five." To ensure that your phone numbers are read properly please enter them one number at a time with a space between each one. Spelling names of locations phonetically helps ensure your message is understood clearly. 

  2. To create a Text To Speech message, enter your message in the text box, then click NEXT. 

WAV File

  1. You can upload a .wav file from your computer by selecting the file from your desktop, clicking Open, and then click NEXT. For specifications regarding file size click here: Message Upload Specifications 


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