1. Select the Keyboard option. This option, also known as Text To Speech or TTS, allows you to type your message, which will be read by an automated female voice.

Please note that this is a computer generated voice so it may not always sound the way you expect. For example: You may enter a phone number like (555) 555-5555, the automated voice would read this as "Five hundred and fifty five, five hundred and fifty five, five thousand five hundred and fifty five." To ensure that your phone numbers are read properly please enter them one number at a time with a space between each one. Also spelling names of locations phonetically helps ensure your message is understood clearly. 

2. Enter your message in the text box, then click NEXT. 

If you choose to create a text and/or email message when you press the NEXT button you will be brought to the screen to create those.
Creating a Text Message >>>
Creating a Email Message >>>

If not, you will be brought to the Review and Confirm screen to complete sending your message.  

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