You can upload a .wav file from your computer by selecting the file from your desktop, clicking Open and then click NEXT.  

Specifications for uploading .WAV files are: 

Frequency Range: 8 kHz (kilohertz)
Channels: Mono - one channel only (not Stereo - two channels)
Sampling: 8 bit (not 16, 24 or 32 bit)
Message Length Range: Minimum 5 seconds, Maximum 120 seconds.
File Type: .WAV only ( not .MP3 or others)
File Byte Size" The size of the file will vary based on the message length range. The size of the file will not be a concern if the other requirements are met. 

If you choose to create a text and/or email message the NEXT button will bring you to the screen to create those. If not, you will be brought to the Review and Confirm screen to complete sending your message.

Here is a quick video to help you create your message. 

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