Text messages can only be created using www.CallingPost.com or a basic text using the CallingPost Mobile App. 

Creating a Text Message from the www.CallingPost.com website:

1. Click on the Send Message tab.
2. Select the group.
3. Click Create a Message.
4. Enter a Message Name and Select Text Message.
5. Enter your name or the organization name in the From: box.
6. Enter your full message in the large text box. Your total character count is located below the text box. This will help you determine how many text credits you will be using to send your message. If you are on an Unlimited monthly plan you have a maximum of 320 character per text.
7. Select how you want your text message delivered:

A Custom Phone Number (Toll Free Texting option)


A CallingPost Short code (24251)

8. Click Next to finish sending your message. If you choose to create an email message when you press the NEXT button you will be brought to the screen to create those. If not, you will be brought to the Review and Confirm screen to complete sending your message.


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