You can use a .XLXS or .CSV file to import your member contact information into your account. 

Below is a example of how your spreadsheet should be setup. 

Please note that file names can NOT contain special characters
(such as commas, dashes or symbols). 

To Add Members from an Excel spreadsheet to your group:

1. From the main screen click on the name of your group. In example: My Group
2, In the group menu choose Add New Members
3. Click Choose File to locate the file on your desktop
4. Click on the Excel document you wish to import, Click Open
5. Once the file name is displayed in the box, Click NEXT
6. Use the drop down boxes to choose the correct header for the preview information below, then Click IMPORT
7. A green banner will appear at the top of your account when a new import has been created. 

An additional green banner will appear when an import is complete. If you have a large import additional banners may displaying what percentage of the file has been importing. 

For Best Results: We suggest that you upload 2,000 or less per import. 

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