Click at the top right menu and click User Settings

Communication Settings

  • The Caller ID appearing on outgoing phone calls - allows you to change the default Caller ID and gives you the option to add a new phone number for Caller ID. 

We can only display a number when a call is sent. The name that will appear on advanced Caller ID systems (located on landlines) will also display the name that is associated with that number with the telephone company.  On cell phones, the recipient will need to add that number to their contact list to have it display the organization's name.   

  • Use extended Hour Messaging by default - Our standard delivery window is 9am-9pm. If you use extended hour messaging, you can send calls from 9pm-12pm, or 5am-9am. Selecting this option will allow you to push the delivery window to 9pm-12pm and 5am-9am for all calls.

  • Send phone messages based on member time zone - Select this option if you want the delivery time to respect the time zones of the members.

Member Settings

  • Display a pop-up when deleting a member from a group - Selecting this option will cause your account to double check with you before you delete a member

  • Display a picture for a member in a group - Select this if you wish to add photos to your group members profile

Extra Settings

  • Send Email when a Communication Finishes - Select this option if you wish to receive an email when you communication has completed

  • Notify me of two-way text message responses - This option will notify you via email when a member responds to a polling text

  • Allow Primary Method to be charged as needed for additional credits - Available with Pay As You Go accounts only

Help Prompts - Additional Instructions

  • Show User Page Instructions on login

  • Skip the first page of PBX Wizard which details features

  • Show Getting Started video on login

  • Show Send Communications Options

  • Show How To Import video

  • Show How SMS/Text Works video

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