You may have received the message below regarding our Responsible Use Policy. 

It looks like you have sent more messages than what is allowed by our Responsible Use Policy. While your plan is Unlimited we are required to keep users from abusing Calls & Text messages from our system. In order to send more communications this month you will have to upgrade your plan. Your plan will renew on: . For more information give us a call: 1-877-665-5646..

You may not have realized that you were sending more messages than normal this month to your members. If you would like to continue to send messages this month you may upgrade your plan. 

However, CallingPost suggests you review the number of messages you have sent to ensure your members desire to receive these messages. If your members feel overwhelmed by your messages they may report them as SPAM or block themselves from your messages.

Check out our Responsible Practices page for additional ways to help you use CallingPost responsibly. 

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