Tap the Menu at the top left and Tap Messages

Tap Create A New Message

Select the Message Types you wish to send: Phone, Text and/or Email

To create a Phone Message:
Tap the Microphone or Text to Speech

If you tap Microphone, you will see a recorder button to tap when you are ready to record your voice. 

When you are done with the recording tap the red stop button and then tap NEXT.

If you use the Text To Speech, type your message in the box. Then tap NEXT.

To create a Text Message:
Enter your group/organization name in the From box
Enter your message in the Message Box.
Tap the NEXT button when finished

The total number of character for your message will appear below the bottom box. (It is 1 credit per 160 characters)

To create an Email Message:
Enter your name in the From Box
Enter your subject in the Subject Box
Enter your replay email address in the Reply Box
Enter your message in the Body Box
Tap NEXT when finished

Here is a quick video to help you create a message from the mobile app

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