Click on Beta Features from the top left menu

Click Get Started beside Event Planning 

Click + Create New Event in the top right hand corner:

Here you will specify what your event is and give it a start time and date as well as an end time and date. After that, choose the group you want this message to correspond to:

Click the "Event Reminders" switch to have the ability to set reminders for your Event(Phone Call, Text, and Email messages). You can schedule reminders to be sent days, weeks, and even months in advance.

Click +Add New Reminder:

Once you are ready to move forward choose Continue:

If you would like to display the event on your CallingPost website, click the switch:

Here, you can upload an image to go along with your event:

Choose if you want to have sign ups online and if you want to limit the sign ups to a specific number.

Next, you will need to add a location for your event and any details about the event that your members should know about:

If you are interested in having your group members sign up to volunteer, hit the Volunteer Sign-ups switch to create volunteer sign-ups:

Choose + Add Volunteer Opportunity to create a specific task for a member to sign up for:

Once you are ready to move forward choose Continue:

The final page will allow you to review the specifics of the event you are about to create:

Click Create Event when you are ready to save the material you have just created:

Here is a quick video to help you create an event

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