Event reminders allow you to have pre-scheduled reminders sent to your group days, weeks, and even months before an event. The "reminder" feature is a great tool to make sure your group members are aware of the upcoming event. Reminders can be sent using a call, text, or email. 

Click on Beta Features from the top left menu

Click Get Started beside Event Planning 

You can create a new event by choosing + Create New Event or edit an existing event by choosing edit next to the existing events name:

On the Edit Event page you will be able to find Event Reminders. Hit the Event Reminders switch to turn "Event Reminders" on:

Click + Add New Reminder to create an Event Reminder:

Here you can create your reminder details:

Click Save once finished. If you would like to add another choose + Add New Reminder:

Here is a quick video to help you with your event reminders

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