The volunteer sign-up is a CallingPost website specific feature.  By using your CallingPost website, members can sign-up for specific positions created by you.

Click on Beta Features from the top left menu

Click Get Started beside Event Planning

You can create a new event by choosing + Create New Event or edit an existing event by choosing edit next to the existing events name:

After finishing the "Edit Event" page (Step 1), you will be able to setup the event with your CallingPost website. Click the switch to display the event on your CallingPost website:

Hit the "Volunteer Sign-ups" switch to create volunteer sign-ups:

Choose + Add Volunteer Opportunity to create a specific task for a member to sign up for:

Here you can give the task a name, description, and number of participants:

Click save once finished. You can add multiple Volunteer sign-up positions. To add another choose + Add Volunteer Opportunity:

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