Click on Beta Features from the top left menu

Click Get Started beside Virtual PBX 

Click Create Your Phone Assistant:

Give your Phone Assistant a name and provide an email address. The email address will receive voicemails and call back requests:

Next you can select your state and city to generate your local phone number. 

You can hit refresh to generate a new phone number
if you do not want the one offered.

Choose your payment method and choose Confirm & Purchase when ready:

Your CallingPost account will brief you on your new Phone Assistant:

Here you can view all of your Phone Assistants prompts. You can personalize each and everyone of these prompts:

Click Greeting:

You will have the option to "Play Current Prompt", "Create New Prompt", or "Reset Prompt". In this case, choose Create New Prompt:

You can record your prompt using a microphone attached to your computer, using the "Call Me and Record" feature, typing a text-to-speech message, or uploading a file. We are going to use the "Call Me and Record" feature. This feature will allow the account to call your phone and prompt you to record the message. Choose Call Me and Record to begin:

Enter any 10 digit phone number you are near and choose Call Me:

Answer your call.  The Call Me feature will greet you. To begin recording press 1. Press pound when you are finished recording. You can review your message by pressing 1, Confirm the message by pressing 2, and delete/re-record by pressing 9. When you are satisfied with your message, press 2 to confirm and choose the next button on your screen to continue:

You can continue this process with each of your prompts using any recording method of your preference. 

Here is a quick video to help you create your Phone Assistant (PBX)

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