We have determined that there are some customers (specifically Sprint / TMobile phone carrier customers) who have trouble recording their full message. The calls are being cut off at around 30 seconds.

This is due to a cell phone feature known as VoLTE and now HD Voice.

These are two modern protocols for making wireless calls, allowing the carriers to take advantage of up to three times higher bandwidth of 4G LTE for much higher quality calls than older networks. New devices use VoLTE and HD Voice, while older devices still use existing 3G networks. The 3G networks are being switched off escalating this issue for those that have older phones.

We now offer an alternate call in number for our our New CallingPost 470-594-2968 and Classic 470-300-0517 users that will allow you to record more than 30 seconds.

We recommend that you turn this feature off and back on. Then reattempt to record your message, if you still see the VoLte option.

Turn off/on VoLTE on an iPhones (iPhone 6 or newer)

  1. Tap Settings

  2. Tap Cellular

  3. Tap Cellular Data Options

  4. Tap Voice & Data (shown on newer phones)

  5. Tap Enable LTE or toggle VoLTE off /then back on

Turn off/on VoLTE on an Android device.

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap Network & Internet.

  3. Tap Call.

  4. Tap to enable VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling

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