We offer the ability to choose the type of text messaging that works best for you!

You are prompted when creating a text to choose how you want your members to receive this text message.

Custom Toll-Free phone numbers may be a better fit for certain use cases. Unlike short codes, they can be used for placing and receiving voice calls, in addition to SMS messages. Toll-free SMS may also be a good choice for a business that needs A2P-type communications

Custom Phone Number (Toll Free Texting option)

Opt-in SMS Response NOT required

Prior expressed consent IS required

Fast Delivery Speed

Receive better open rates with personalization

$19.99 a month for custom phone number subscription

A short code is the ideal solution for high-volume A2P use cases. By default, short codes offer much higher messaging throughput than other types of numbers, at 100 SMS segments per second.

CallingPost Short code (24251)

Opt-in SMS message sent before message delivery (on initial message only)

Approval response required by recipient before message delivery (on initial

message only)

Fastest Delivery Speed

No Additional Cost

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