Call forwarding allows you to forward a call from one number to another phone number. For example if you call 555-555-5555 the call can be redirected to 555-666-6666 using the call forwarding feature. This would allow you to answer the call and speak with the person on the line.

With CallingPost, you can easily transfer your toll-free phone number used for texting to a validated phone number of your choice. Validated phone numbers are listed in your System Settings. You can also add additional validated numbers if you need.

Call forwarding limits:

The maximum length you can be on line is 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of call forwarding the call will end.

Please be mindful to set the proper expectation with your call recipient.

Call Forwarding Minutes included monthly are based on your CallingPost Plan.

Premium Unlimited = 400 minutes

Standard Unlimited = 300 minutes

Essentials Unlimited = 200 minutes

Pay-as-you- go & Grandfathered plans = 200 minutes

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