Due to FCC regulations, members from your group must “Opt In” in order to receive text messages from you. This document explains how “Opting In” works:

All members can call 877-304-5857, from their phone, to easily "Opt-in". This will automatically make that phone number text ready, or:

  1. 24-251 is the phone number or “short code” that CallingPost Communications uses and the phone number that your members will see.

2) When a User sends a text to a member, the Member MUST reply the response word of “ok” after receiving the text. CallingPost automatically sends the request, of replying “ok”, when you send the member their first text.
3) If the Member DOESN’T reply “ok”, no more texts will be received by that Member.
4) There is no time limit in sending the reply of “ok”. It will be accepted at any point after receiving the initial Text message.
5) If the Member does not want to receive any future texts from that User, The Member can text the response word “stop” and this will prevent any further texts from being sent.
6) If a Member has sent the response word of “stop” and now wants to receive future texts, the Member must send the letters “cpc” to the phone number of 24251. This will unblock the Members phone and future texts will now be received.
7) The letters “cpc” are a global opt in and will automatically override all other commands entered by a member.

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